Pilates Private Session & Group Classes




Gift this to a mom who is ready to begin her pilates journey with a wonderful supportive team to help achieve her goals!

Our Pilates Private Session & Group Classes Package includes:

  • One (1) private session that is tailored specifically for you and taught by one of our highly-skilled instructors.
  • Then, take your new-found Pilates knowledge and apply it to Three (3) group classes in studio!

Each class is 55 minutes in length and taught by one of our highly skilled instructors.

About Studio Flo Pilates

Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates and he believed that mental and physical health are interrelated and his technique was a complete coordination of mind, body and spirit. At Studio Flo Pilates, we adhere to both the original spirit that Joseph Pilates founded his system under, and the original teachings of Pilates. We feature second and third generation Pilates Master Teachers and a wide array of classes, including group, private and semi-private classes. We also teach and facilitate prenatal and postpartum needs, teacher training and continuing education Pilates instructor courses.

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