New Mother’s Nutritional Counseling

Jaren provides both in home and virtual services.




For the postpartum woman looking to RENOURISH, REFINE and OPTIMIZE her current diet and lifestyle! You deserve to feel attuned to your body and energized to tackle your day!

As both a dietitian and lactation consultant I provide postpartum nutrition therapy to support women in fostering a better relationship with food and body.

Postpartum nutrition therapy focuses on providing support to help moms nourishing their body after birth to support physical healing, reduce incidence/severity of PMAD’s and support ample breast milk supply.

This package includes:
– 1:1- 60 minute counseling session with a Registered Dietitian and Lactation Consultant

– Evaluation of current nutrition intake, supplements, lab work to support postpartum healing

– Postpartum meal and snack guide designed for postpartum moms nutritional needs in mind

Topics that can be addressed in a consultation:
– How to address any nutrient depletion and optimize postpartum hormone balance

– Building meals that support balanced blood sugar and support postpartum mood and milk supply

– Managing postpartum hunger, appetite and cravings

– Body image after baby and examining our own relationship with food

+ A bonus mailed copy of The Postnatal Cookbook with over 75 recipes designed for the postpartum mom

About Jaren Soloff

As a woman and mother specializing in women’s health, Jaren understands the many layers that make navigating feeding and nutrition complex. As both a dietitian and lactation consultant, Jaren is uniquely qualified to support women in fostering a better relationship with food and body to build trust that extends to feeding yourself, and your children with confidence.

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