1:1 Personal Training Sessions (4-pack)

Brit works with families located in San Diego, CA.




This is a wonderful gift to help prepare for the physical demands of motherhood.

1:1 Personal Training Sessions include: A package of 4 Private sessions with Brit. Each session is 45 minutes.

Britt is a Certified pre & postnatal certified fitness coach, and a mom to two. Workouts are designed for the clients unique body and goals. Sessions will be in home within a certain driving radius, or at a park. Brit’s training approach focuses on functional strength movements for motherhood, proper breathing & form guidance through each exercise. She will give you the tools to feeling physically better throughout your day. Brit’s goal is to have you leaving each session feeling better than you came and ready to take on your day. Come what may!

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for an exercise program that will prepare you for:

  • the physical demands of motherhood
  • build lean muscle mass
  • and give you energy rather than deplete it

If you want a trainer who is also in the trenches of Motherhood, considers your hormone health, understands first hand what motherhood is like, and cares about the status of your pelvic floor & core, you’ve come to the right place!

WHAT TO EXPECT: After purchase, you will receive an email with a health history questionnaire to fill out, going over your pregnancy & birth experience and other details that will help Brit cater your workouts specifically to you. Training begins with a free 30 min. consultation call with Brit, going over your health history questionnaire, talk about location and scheduling, and a chance to ask Brit any questions you may have before getting started

About Body Design by Britt

Brit always had a passion for health and fitness, but her approach has changed throughout 12 years working in the fitness industry. Brit graduated with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science and Nutrition in 2013, and soon after launched her training business. It wasn’t until she went through her own infertility journey with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (over exercising, under eating, and stressing her body out) that Brit realized there was more to health than just working out more and eating less. Brit has experienced the effects of poor hormone health during her 2 year journey of trying to get pregnant, and know what it takes to balance both. Brit’s specialty is incorporating this knowledge into her hormone-friendly approach to fitness and fuel. After experiencing a traumatic emergency c-section in her first pregnancy, Brit’s passion for Pre & Postnatal training took off. Since then, Brit has earned her Pre & postnatal training certification and has been blessed with another baby girl with a successful VBAC delivery. Brit’s experiences with two very different births and recoveries, having experienced firsthand many of the symptoms, gives her a good foundation when working alongside her clients journey. Brit can’t wait to work together to find the right breathing strategies and execution of exercises to help you heal postpartum, and enjoy long term health! Brit loves helping women realize they can return to a strong and functional body, finding an appreciation for their amazing strength and power within, and encourage functional goals, rather than scale-based goals after having kids!

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