Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation




The gift of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is for any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, as well as those looking to prepare physically for birth.

This in-person 1.5 hour Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation includes review of past medical history and current symptoms, evaluation of posture, mobility, strength, coordination and function of various joints, connective tissues, muscles and nerves and initiation of treatment techniques to assist you in reaching your individual goals for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is beneficial throughout pregnancy, as well as postpartum to ensure optimal bowel and bladder function and support abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as the body goes through these rapid changes.

Some common conditions Verafied Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy treats are:

  • pelvic pain
  • incontinence
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • diastasis recti
  • painful sex
  • low back or hip pain
  • urinary urgency
  • birth prep
  • postpartum healing
  • exercise guidance before, during and after pregnancy
  • any orthopedic or neuro-muscular concerns.

Must live within 30 miles of zip 92102 to use.


About Verafied Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy

During an extended maternity leave after the birth of my second child, I was frequently approached by other mothers with concerns specific to pelvic health. This sparked a desire to broaden my scope of practice to include pelvic floor rehabilitation and become a resource for the women in my community. Most of my extensive coursework has been through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. I see the practice of Physical Therapy as a balance between science and art. I strive to inform, nurture and encourage my patients. Together we focus on exploring your individual movement patterns and function, with a goal of health and wellness through all stages of life. My Doctor of Physical Therapy degree is from the University of Maryland School Of Medicine, Baltimore, back in May 2008. After moving to San Diego, I worked in outpatient orthopedics, focusing my continuing postgraduate education on development of spine and lower extremity Manual Therapy skills, as well as progressing my expertise of complex hand and upper extremity treatment. In 2012, I completed a 9 month Certification of Manual Orthopedic Therapy through the The Ola Grimsby Institute and in 2014 met the requirements to become a Certified Hand Therapist. In addition to Physical Therapy, I love being with my family, catching a wave or just being at the beach, bouldering at the local climbing gym, playing violin and exploring beautiful San Diego.

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