Foam Rolling 101: A Mom’s Best Friend – In Studio

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This is the gift that just keeps giving! More affordable than regular massages, available for use 24 hours a day, a foam roller (and knowing how to use it) is a perfect gift for a new mom to help prevent and manage many of the common aches and pains that come with parenting.

Foam Rolling 101: A Mom’s Best Friend – IN STUDIO

  • High quality foam roller
  • Posture assessment
  • Foam Rolling instruction
  • Foam Rolling exercises PDF Stay on top of the repetitive stresses that come with parenting.

This session (at Breathe Fitness) starts with a full posture assessment to help identify areas of imbalance and tension. You’ll learn how to safely and effectively use a foam roller as we go through specific exercises most helpful for new moms. You’ll also get a pdf copy of the exercises, because let’s face it, mom-brain is real and trying to remember what to do can be a big obstacle to actually doing it!

The physical work of parenting is unavoidable… using a foam roller is an easy way to prevent (and/or manage) many of the resulting new-mom aches, pains, and injuries.

About Breathe Fitness

FEEL BETTER, MOVE BETTER & ENJOY LIFE Not your average trainer, Robin Naughton holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and is inspired by her own life experiences, and the lessons she learns from every client’s unique needs and personal journeys. In her studio, you do not push through pain, you stop and listen to it. You do not try to beat your body into submission, you connect with it, honor it. Having dealt with fibromyalgia for 15 years, she truly understands what it takes to break the cycle of chronic pain and begin to heal. While recovering from hip surgery, Robin learned how important a holistic approach is when it comes to the body. No injury exists in a bubble. Everything in the body is connected. With two kids, she’s experienced first hand the struggles that come with pregnancy, delivery (both vaginal and cesarean), and the postpartum journey. Robin has a sincere passion for helping people of all ages and fitness levels make fitness part of everyday living. Whether you’re struggling with pain, pregnancy/postpartum related issues, balance difficulties, or are just looking to improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina, we’ll get there together! Certifications/Trainings: ACE, Stott Pilates, Foundation Training, Biomechanics Method, Symmetry Postural Therapy, TRX, Pre/PostNatal Pilates

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