Songbirds Music Gift Certificate

Songbirds Music School is located within Liberty Station in Point Loma, CA.




Gift this to a mother to grow and support her connection with baby through music!

Give the gift of music and connection. Songbirds Music gift certificate is redeemable for any music session for in-person or online classes.

Family-style music classes are open to children from birth to age 6 and the grownups who love them. Enjoy a weekly 45 minute music class full of singing, dancing, rhythm and tonal play, meeting new friends, and bonding with your little one. Make musical memories to last a life-time!

About Songbirds Music

Since 2008, Songbirds Music is proud to provide a safe and nurturing place, a nest really, where families and friends with little ones (ages birth to age 6) gather to learn, grown, and connect though music, movement, and play in a fun, non-performance, informal yet supportive environment. In class we sing, dance, chant and play along with instruments to a variety of musical styles, melodies, tonalities and rhythms. You and your child will also participate and experience creative movement, improvisation, finger play and lap songs. Most important of all, we have fun while creating a rich and lively musical community.

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