Livestream Baby and Me Yoga Series: 5 Class Pack

Yesica teaches classes in San Diego, CA. Her livestream classes can be taken from the comfort of your own home.




Gift this to a new mom to help relieve the aches and pains of new parenthood and support her connection with baby.

This series of five Livestream Baby and Me Yoga Classes allows mom to strengthen her physical health while focusing on her relationship with her baby. This gift entitles you to all 5 classes in Yesica’s Baby and Me Yoga Series!  This series is on-going every other month. Please visit for upcoming dates.

In Baby and Me Yoga, you will:

  • Learn baby massage techniques that help regulate the nervous system and aid in digestion
  • Practice pelvic floor balancing
  • Practice poses that help relieve the aches and pains of new parenthood
  • Practice poses that help build the strength needed to carry babies and all their gear
  • Build community with other new parents

About Yes Yoga

When Yesica started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago, she realized that yoga asana is one of many gateways to the journey inward. What you experience in your body, you can feel in your heart. Yesica was drawn to yoga because of how beautifully it can accommodate people of all shapes and sizes, differing abilities and walks of life. Born in Puerto Rico but raised on the East Coast, Yesica felt like she was from two different places but not completely from either. This experience inspired her to travel and build connections with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This also informs my teaching style, as I prioritize making sure that class feels accessible to everyone regardless of their age, shape, ability or yoga experience. The physical practice of yoga is a method of more deeply knowing yourself. Yesica’s class isn’t about the “right way” to do a pose. Rather than mastering a certain pose, the focus is on how it feels in your body and on the practice. She encourage students to be curious and open to discovery in their practice. When you know yourself, you will know what you need out of your practice, whether it’s more challenge or more gentle support. Yesica seeks to hold space for this and offer guidance without getting in the way. She is the Mother of two boys and a fur baby named Flash. Yesica’s favorite activities include playing guitar, singing, dancing, writing, hiking, reading a good book and cooking healthy meals for her family.

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