Pediatric Physical Therapy Evaluation




Gift to help plan goals for mobility & treatment to reach ongoing success in baby’s growth.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Evaluation with Dr. Jenny Werner, PT. The evaluation is an hour long virtual or in-person consultation which includes:

  • general mobility assessment
  • treatment ideas
  • goals for ongoing success in your baby’s mobility


About Jenny Werner

Big Steps Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned pediatric physical therapy clinic that works with families to empower, educate and encourage them in order to improve their child’s mobility. We recognize all that parents do and the emotional roller coaster that comes with parenting and we are here to walk alongside you on the journey. Dr. Jenny Werner, PT will work with you, listen to your concerns and goals, and coach with grace so that therapy can continue at home without added stress. Pediatric physical therapy can help your child to be more independent and successful in their physical endeavors. We have flexible scheduling, a brand new clinic, and ongoing classes.

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