Time-Crunched Mama’s 1-on-1

This series of 4 sessions is designed to be done from the comfort of home.




Gift for the mama who is on the go and needs flexible ways to access nutrition, fitness and stress management.

This is a special 1-on-1 package for the time-crunched woman who is in need of support in their journey to thriving as a busy mom, or a mom trying to thrive in her career learning how to balance it all while still taking care of her own Deep Health.

This 1-on-1 relationship includes 4 weeks of support in these areas: – Personalized nutrition assistance: Personalized nutrition based on your goals, needs and lifestyle. You will have guidance on how to track macros (your personal protein, fat and carbs) or learn to eyeball the right amounts of foods to support your daily needs and goals. – Access to the StressLess nutrition membership group where you’ll get to see my 3 weekly live information videos – Fitness or movement guidance: If you’re new to working out we may begin with simply walking. You will get access to the virtual gym where you will get on-demand workouts and will have access to LIVE workouts as well. You will have 1 workout a day available to you whether you do it live or on-demand. ** You can choose to focus on one or all of these areas with our time together. ************************************************************************************ Nutrition is important because a solid foundation of nutrient intake that is balanced for your personal needs will help you feel better and when you feel better you can be better. Fitness gets your body moving, you will have access to the StressLess Virtual gym and can do workouts on-demand at your own time in your own space. We have short workouts that you can fit into your day before everyone wakes up, while they’re busy with you around or while they sleep…. Our workouts are programmed so that you will get a well-rounded routine whether you do one a week, 3 a week or 5 a week. There is something for everyone, bodyweight, light weights, stretching/mobility and heavy lifting. Stress management, sleep and recovery are integral parts to your DEEP health, the type of health that, if it’s not being taken care of, affects everything else in your life.

About StressLess Lifestyle, LLC

Here’s something I know is true about us women…we actually do want it all. And, we think we should automatically know how to do it perfectly. My own experience with stress, overwhelm, burnout, having kids, hormone imbalance, weight gain, and working like a crazy woman with no boundaries certainly took it’s toll. And, I had to rethink my relationship to food and fitness. I actually love working out. In college I used my time at the gym as stress relief. I also became a certified group fitness instructor, certified personal trainer as well as a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist….for FUN. Flashback to me as a work-from-home career woman who traveled constantly, I became a work-a-holic with absolutely no boundaries (picture me in labor with my daughter while on my blackberry…sad, but true). Then came #momLife and hormone imbalance….and the StressLess Life. Over the years I have also acquired certifications and specialty classes in diabetes fitness, pre/postpartum fitness and metabolic conditioning and am PN1-SSR certified (Sleep, Stress Management & Recovery).

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