Pediatric Massage

San Diego Prenatal + Pediatric Massage is located in Pacific Beach, CA.




Gift this to a mama to help ease her child's discomfort by using nurturing touch benefits to aid with muscle pain, sleep challenges, digestive ailments, and headaches. 

Pediatric Massage (up to 30 Minutes) Includes: A gentle massage that can help ease your child’s discomfort from birth through to teenage years.

Nurturing touch benefits children with a variety of health conditions; some of which include ADHD, Autism, sports related injuries or muscle pain, sleep challenges, digestive ailments, and headaches.

About San Diego Prenatal and Pediatric Massage

Angela Williams is a Certified Massage Therapist and founder of San Diego Prenatal and Pediatric Massage. After spending many years in the management field, she made a big change and went back to school to become a Massage Therapist. This had been calling her since she was a teenager. Growing up one of six children, family has always been very important. Being a part of many pregnancies and births in her family, including her own, Angela understands how important and helpful massage can be for pregnancy, postpartum and for children. Angela feels honored to bring this care to you and your families.

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