60 Minute Prenatal Massage

Equilibrio Massage is located in Bay Ho in San Diego, CA.




Massage will support her on the journey through birth, postpartum, and into motherhood. We support client's in down regulating their nervous system, connecting to their body, and empowering them on through pregnancy.

Sciatica? Hip or back pain? Sleeping woes? Our certified prenatal massage specialists will work with you to customize a therapeutic massage session that addresses your concerns. Safe for both mom and baby, research shows that massage promotes a healthier pregnancy, shorter labors and healthier babies. This customized prenatal massage is safe throughout your pregnancy.

About Equilibrio Massage

We’re dedicated pregnancy massage specialists who insist on really good massage. Our focus is on science-based prenatal massage — fancy talk to say that we’re obsessed with your comfort and safety. When we’re not in session, we’re delving into the research literature and busy slaying prenatal massage myths. No deep tissue massage for pregnancy? Blasphemous! Foot massage induces labor? We’re calling B.S.! Many therapists can do prenatal massage. But few actually specialize in it. Since 2004, we have worked with more than a thousand mamas-to-be in San Diego. You have taught us how to make you “beyond comfortable” on our table. And you continue to help us learn to treat every pregnancy discomfort imaginable from sciatica to round ligament pain. We extend infinite “thank you”s to all you mamas who keeping teaching us so much!

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