Professional Organizing: A Synchronized Space Consultation

Amy works with families across San Diego county.




Gift this to a mama to help her feel more organized and prepared.

Life is busy and overwhelming – your home doesn’t have to be. Make way for baby with a Synchronized Space Consultation for any space in your home. This gift includes:

  • Needs Assessment – phone or zoom call to discuss your organizing needs (about 30 mins as needed).
  • Assessment of Space, Stuff, Systems & Strengths – In-person assessment of any space in your home; analysis of your strengths, systems, and the stuff between; Discussions including recommendations for your organized sustainability and actionable next steps (about 90 minutes as needed).
  • Your questions answered! • 10% off purchase of organizing or coaching package!

About Higher Order Home

Hello! I am Amy and welcome to Higher Order! I am a residential professional organizer specializing in helping those in transition. Whether you are wanting a big change, or life pushes you into one, I am ready to help! Imagine, thriving through that evolution by creating an environment that reflects and supports your greatest potential. I use your awareness and insights to guide you through a decluttering process that strips away the unnecessary. With what remains, I assist you in creating a natural order, maintaining simplicity and accountability. The result is a rediscovery of home – what that means is entirely unique to you.

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