15 Thank You Cards, Written and Mailed For You




This gift is perfect for any busy mama. With Heartfelt's services, there's no need to spend time going to the store to buy cards or going to the Post Office to buy stamps or wait in line to deliver the cards! Rather than spending time writing countless thank you cards, expecting moms can prepare her mind, body and home for the baby’s arrival and new moms can get much needed rest! Partner with Heartfelt by typing the message and contact information (that’s it!), and Heartfelt will handle the rest.

This gift is the perfect time saver for writing baby shower and baby arrival gifts! Help a mama thank your loved ones with a heartfelt handwriting service.

Heartfelt offers a Sweet Heart package, an all inclusive package including beautiful stationery and handwriting services. You can choose from 7 luxury cards and pair with 7 envelope color options, provide your contact’s information, type your message, and Heartfelt will take care of the rest. Heartfelt will address the envelope, hand write the card message, assemble, stamp and deliver to the Post Office for you.

Do you want to personalize your cards by gift received? No problem! Heartfelt has an easy process to collect that information from you, and will take a picture of each card that is mailed out so you can see exactly what is sent.

This is a perfect gift for someone who wants to save time, a hand cramp (!), and for someone who wants to express their gratitude promptly.

This gift price includes:

  • Luxury Card and Envelope
  • Postage Stamp (of your choice)
  • Addressed envelope handwritten in black ink
  • Card message handwritten in colorful gel pen
  • Card assembly
  • Delivery to the Post Office
  • A personalized view of each card
  • Professional service fee (discounted by $10)

About Monica Fallone

Monica is a San Diego native and a proud mom to her daughter, Aurora, who was born in 2022. She is the owner of Heartfelt Handwriting, which grew out of her love for greeting cards, calligraphy and sending people joy in the mail. After writing hundreds of thank you cards after her wedding events, Monica was so tempted to outsource her own thank you cards because they take so much time. Then, when she welcomed her daughter into this world, she knew how important it was to express gratitude to her generous community, and yet she was a tired mama with a newborn. Thank you’s are a low priority list item for new parents, however, there’s some guilt to send a prompt thank you card to all of the friends and family who have shown love and support during this transitional time. That’s where your Card Concierge Bestie comes in! Heartfelt Handwriting partners with mamas who want to outsource writing their baby shower and kid’s birthday thank you cards. As a calligrapher, Monica offers a unique service that includes addressing envelopes in calligraphy, handwriting the inside messages, placing heart confetti inside the cards, and adding elegant wax seals to beautify the envelopes. Mamas can provide their own personalized cards (a picture of your sweet babe), or for ultimate convenience, purchase beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery through Heartfelt. Heartfelt’s clients love the gift of time to focus on bringing their babe into this world. Plus, Heartfelt’s services save plenty of hand cramps with a quick and painless process. Once your babe has arrived, instead of writing countless thank you cards, you get to spend time cuddling your babe and resting. How good does a nap sound? In short, families hire Monica to write, assemble, and mail their thank you cards. All they have to do is provide their recipient’s contact information, gift (if applicable), and the personalized message they want handwritten. Then, Heartfelt takes care of the rest. Heartfelt offers elegant thank you cards and envelopes. Each card is 5 × 7 in size, which is unique for a thank you card as they are often sold in 3 x 5 size. The cards can be paired with any envelope color so mamas can choose their preferred aesthetic. Heartfelt offers convenience, beauty and timeliness for every family’s thank you needs.