Hourly Postpartum Support

Christina works with families in Chula Vista, San Diego County and virtually throughout CA.




All new parents deserve to feel confident in caring for themselves and their newborn baby after they arrive home from the hospital! This gift is excellent for all parents in their fourth trimester.

The Mama Coach’s mission is to ensure that every parent feels cared for and supported immediately following the arrival of their newborn. As a Registered Nurse, I want you to feel confident in taking care of your infant AND yourself during your postpartum period.

I will come to your home and be your extra set of hands as you transition to being at-home with your child; these sessions can also be provided virtually.

During our time together, I will answer all of your questions and can assist with things such as newborn care, how to bathe your baby, trim fingernails, etc. and can provide education about newborn rash, jaundice, cord care, newborn development, and so much more.

This service is for families with a baby under 12 weeks old.

About The Mama Coach

Hello, I’m Christina! I’m a Registered Nurse, wife, and mama with over 13 years of experience in Maternal Child Health. Having worked all my career in the NICU, I have experience with newborn care, early feeding and lactation support. I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with families in Chula Vista, San Diego County and Virtually in California. I have three beautiful children and have experienced first hand the challenges that come with being a new mom; the sleepless nights, the overwhelm and looking for reliable sources of information. I am excited to share my own experience in motherhood and be there for you. I see you, mama! I am passionate about helping families get through such a vulnerable time in their lives. I am committed to providing you with evidence based information and judgement free support so that you can make the best possible decisions for your family. I would love to work alongside you to inform and empower you. Let me be a part of your “village” during your transition into parenthood and beyond!

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