Highly Sensitive Parenthood Toolkit

This pdf can be downloaded from home and is available to families anywhere.




This toolkit is perfect for parents who are deeply feeling, empaths, or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) that may feel overwhelmed, over-stimulated and touched out throughout their parenting journey.

The Highly Sensitive Parenthood Toolkit is a Downloadable PDF that serves as an introduction to the challenges and joys of HSP parenthood including: opportunities for self-reflection, actionable tools, and a bonus guided meditation. The Toolkit is perfect for parents who are Deeply Feeling, Empaths, or Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

You can learn more about the Highly Sensitive Parenthood Toolkit at https://highlysensitiveparenthood.mykajabi.com/hsp-parent-toolkit

About Highly Sensitive Parenthood

Amy Lajiness is an HSP Parenthood Coach & Educator who has spent countless hours supporting Highly Sensitive (HSP) parents in reclaiming their peace and confidence. Amy is an HSP herself as well as a mother of two highly energetic young children. Amy holds certifications in Perinatal Mental Health and HSP, and is passionate about providing resources for HSP parents, teaching them how to harness their strengths and manage challenges with grace and confidence, in order to thrive in parenthood. When not living her passion of supporting HSP parents, you can find Amy sipping tea, reading, playing guitar, making art, and spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors.

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