Follow Up Lactation Consultation




Jaren can help you navigate any breastfeeding challenges (big or small!) This consultation is recommended as follow up to an initial consultation.

Follow Up Consultations are 60 minutes in length and may include:

– Support with setting up a breast pump and creating a pumping schedule

– Strategies to increase or support milk supply

– Discussion of bottles and supplemental feeding strategies

– Returning to work considerations and planning

– Referrals and specifically curated postpartum resources

Available in home through North County San Diego, travel fee included in service.
*In office and virtual consultations available as well*

About Jaren Soloff

As a woman and mother specializing in women’s health, Jaren understands the many layers that make navigating feeding and nutrition complex. As both a dietitian and lactation consultant, Jaren is uniquely qualified to support women in fostering a better relationship with food and body to build trust that extends to feeding yourself, and your children with confidence.

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