1-Month Membership to “Jen on Demand” SLEEP Solutions

Jen meets with families virtually.




Are you expecting your first baby and wondering what to expect regarding your and your little one's sleep? Or, are you parenting a child under 6 and have unanswered questions, concerns and worries about your child's sleep? Jen Varela, Pediatric Sleep Consultant can help!

1-Month Membership to SLEEP Solutions “Jen on Demand” – SLEEP Support on Your Schedule!

Membership is great for Expecting Parents & Parents of Babies, Toddlers, and Children up to 6YRS.

How it works: ask your questions as a video message and on Tuesdays, Jen Varela will personally answer your questions with a video message.

INCLUDES: • Your Question Answered Weekly by Jen Varela with Video Messaging • Online Sleep Log: Reviewed by Jen Before Answering Your Questions • Book: “Loved to Sleep” by Jen Varela and Andrea Strang • Sleep Library: Educational Videos & Handouts with Sleep Strategies • Workshop: Gentle Sleep Solutions & Sleep Basics

“Jen on Demand” has all kinds of different ways that you can approach sleep with your little one. Jen talks about the sleep science of wake windows, sleep cycles, sleep hygiene, and the different methods you can use. You will benefit from being in a community with other parents who are also walking the journey of teaching their children to sleep. A video-first coaching platform designed to keep a personal connection between you and Jen, allowing you to engage on your schedule.

Want to learn a little more? Watch the welcome video: https://sugarnightnight.com/sleep-solutions-jen-on-demand-membership-2/

About Sugar Night Night

Since 2010, sleep coaching expert Jen Varela has helped more than 4,500+ families find the sweet sleep they’ve been deprived of and desperately needed. These families have benefited from her expertise at workshops and on phone consultations — and more than 900 of them in the U.S. and around the world have achieved their sleep goals through private one-on-one coaching with Jen via her company, Sugar Night Night. Jen received “on-the-job training” while teaching her son and daughter how to self-soothe and learn good sleep habits. Through her experience, she aims to provide parents with solutions that bring hope and strategies that work with each child’s temperament in the sleeping location that the parents prefer, from bed-sharing, room-sharing with the baby on a separate sleep surface, or the child being in their bedroom. She is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® trained by Kim West, The Sleep Lady®; she also trained with the Infant Mental Health Community Training Program–Hospital for Sick Kids. In addition, Jen holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services with an emphasis in Counseling from California State University, Fullerton. Jen has co-authored a book with Andrea Strang titled “Loved to Sleep.” The Loved to Sleep Method is a nurturing strategy that trades tears for time — parents invest time to reduce the amount of crying from their child and improve sleep. The “Loved to Sleep” e-book is available on Amazon. For more information, visit lovedtosleep.com or sugarnightnight.com. Another passion of Jen’s is supporting families who are struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). In 2020, she was named the first California chapter liaison of Postpartum Support International (PSI-CA), which promotes greater awareness of perinatal mental health and supports families with PMADs. Prior to coming on board with PSI, Jen was the president of the Postpartum Health Alliance based in San Diego.

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