Blowout Hair Treatment

Maricel's salon is located in Poway, CA.




This is the perfect gift for a busy mom that doesn’t have much time to shower but deserves to feel beautiful, inside and out.

Most moms take care of themselves last and don’t have time to make themselves feel beautiful… but remember that version of yourself before you had spilt milk and boogers in your hair – let’s get her back with this gift of relaxation, beautification and clean hair!

Maricel’s blowout includes a wash, scalp massage, blow dry and style. A blowout is designed to hold its shape for up to 5 days (depending on your hair texture) so you can enjoy several days of feeling like your best. You deserve it. 

About Maricel Murphy

Maricel has been a hairdresser for over 20 years. Originally from San Francisco, she specializes in haircutting and hair health. She also does natural coloring and balayage. Her favorite part of work is the connection she has with her clients.

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