Joyful Connections

Julia Greensmith has a degree in Occupational Therapy as well as added certifications in Babywearing, Infant/Baby Massage, Babywearing Dance and is also a Breastfeeding Educator. She feels that her OT degree together with the skills and knowledge she has added to her toolbox lends itself beautifully to serve her passion for supporting mothers and the mother-baby dyad in the the early season of motherhood. Julia accompanies and empowers mothers, specifically those with newborns to 2 years, to embrace more joy and confidence in their journey through connection. She provides a space to support, educate and teach a skillset and mindset around nurturing touch, babywearing, dance, movement and mindfulness in mothering. Julia has found that when a mom feels seen, heard and valued as well as gains confidence and experiences more joy in nurturing a deeper connection to herself, her baby spouse/partner and others, she is better able to find a rhythm in her own unique dance of motherhood. Julia is a mom of 4 little humans (She has two daughters 13 and 3 and two sons aged 12 and 8) Her and her husband, Matthew, immigrated from South Africa in 2009 and now live in Oceanside. Julia appreciates little things that bring joy as well as spending time with family, dancing in the kitchen and going to the beach. She loves a nice candle lit bubble bath at the end of the day. She is also always up for a cup of tea and a quiet moment outside to just breathe and be in the stillness and beauty of nature. Her favorite mantra is “Hold the vision, trust the process.”

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